For me it's about creating peace of mind and inspiring awareness about the fact that we always have a choice

I am Heleen Rittershaus and I spent the first 20 years of my life in 4 different continents. I've been living in Amsterdam since then and the journey has not stopped there.
After studying photography at Art School, I joined the Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) as a flight attendant in 1995. Seventeen years into this wonderful job, I chose to resign. I felt the urge to tap back into my creativity and reinvent myself all over again. 

Connecting the dots

Looking back and 'connecting the dots', it became apparent to me that creating visual mindfulness, had become a red thread within my creative expression.
Collecting memories photographically, as a tangible overview of my life, has helped me to get a grip on, as well as let go of, the often changing surroundings and people I had come to know.
The pocket camera my parents gave me when I was 12 quickly became my 'organising eye' and nowadays, my smartphone is fulfilling this same need to visually organise what catches my eye.
During my work as a flight attendant I also realised how Flight Safety Instructions, needed to keep you safe when on board, give the same clarity of mind and sense of direction we often need in our daily lives too. Printing these expressions on a shirt or bag is a fun way to remind ourselves of our personal Flight/Life Safety mantra!  

RITTRSHAUS: inspiring (personal) sustainability

RITTRSHAUS is about sustainability in the broadest sense.
How to live life so that it takes you where you want to go in the long run. Experiencing your own 'response-ability'. Becoming self aware and making a positive difference through the choices you make.
Creating awareness about your mind-set, realising what you stand for and how everything you do, say, buy, eat or avoid, has an impact. And that it reflects your mind, your heart, your soul, and evidently, your life.
Which day to day choices do you make that help you create the life you would like to live?
 I would really enjoy hearing from you so feel free to drop me a line: info@rittrshaus.com

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